BF2CC Download

BF2CC is used to launch and remotely control the Battlefield 2 Dedicated Server.

Download and unpack the BF2CC client files into the directory of your choice (eg. C:\Program Files\BF2CC).


BF2CC Client Version 1.4.2446 Download

Important: First shut down any instance(s) of your BF2 server that you wish to control with the Daemon. If you have any sort of script, loop or tool (Firedaemon etc.) which keeps your BF2 server running, you will need to disable it as well.

(1) Download and Extract the BF2CC Client files into their own folder.

(2) Start the BF2CC.exe file.

(3) The Login screen will appear. You will need to know if you will be connecting directly to the BF2 dedicated server’s R-Con or if you are making a Daemon Connection. They are different!

(4) If you are making an R-con only connection, you do not need a username but rather a Chat name if you want. A chat name is optional and will identify you to the server if you send chat messages in. Daemon connections require a username and password.

(5) Click “Login”

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