ModManager Installation


R-Con Only Mode must have ServerSettings.con file with –> sv.adminscript “modmanager” <– setting.

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1. Extract the ModManager script files directly into your C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 2 Server\ folder.
NOTE: Your folder might be different, so extract these files into the root folder of your BF2 server.

2. Overwrite any files if prompted to do so. You can download the latest MM scripts at

3. If you will be making an R-Con Only connection, you must edit your ModManager.con file to reflect the R-Con settings you wish to use.

This file is located in your C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 2 Server\Mods\BF2\Settings\ folder. You can specify the values for the following


mm_rcon.rconIp “”
mm_rcon.rconPassword “testpw”
mm_rcon.rconPort 6711

** Setting the R-Con to an IP of will bind to ALL IP’s on that machine. If you are running more then 1 BF2 server,
you will need to specify the individual IP’s for each server.

** Make sure that your R-Con port is open for TCP traffic through your firewall.

** Reboot Your BF2 server after you install the MM Scripts.

4. If you will be using the Daemon on your server there is no need to touch any ModManager files. The Daemon will automatically
edit the ModManager.con file

5. If using R-Con Only mode, you must edit your ServerSettings.con file to use:
sv.adminscript “modmanager”

You can specify this setting using the EA server launcher as well.