BF2 Racing MOD

BF2 Racing MOD from stickmanIf you want a break from all the death and destruction of Battlefield 2, why not try out the new BF2 Turbo Jeep Racing MOD from stickman. Actually, there is still a little death and destruction to be had, but a whole lot of racing fun – fast and furious! This racing mod features a modified version of the FAAV pipe buggy that is fitted with a jet engine booster for super high speeds and heavy duty suspension that helps to reduce the amount of damage taken.

This custom racing MOD features 8 original maps (race tracks) created just for this mod. Each track has an automatic starting gate system so that all racers begin the race together. The new starting gate holds 14 buggies and the old gate can accommodate 12 buggies.

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The 8 race tracks are:

  1. Daredevil Drive
  2. Lakeside Park
  3. Pine Hollow Raceway
  4. Possum Ridge
  5. Snake Run Rally
  6. Sudden Impact
  7. Terrace Speedway
  8. Thunder Mountain

The racing mod is hosted at:


Visit the BF2 RACING web site for more info and to download the MOD auto-installer program.