Battlefield 2142 Deluxe Edition – PC Review

Overall Rating (based on customer reviews): 3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars

Battlefield 2142 Deluxe Edition - PC

The specs of ‘Battlefield 2142 Deluxe Edition – PC’ are:

  • Manufacturer: Electronic Arts
  • Product Dimensions: 7.5×5.3×0.6 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 0.3 pounds

Here are some REAL customer reviews:

“One of the best Future-based Multiplayer First Person Shooters”

This is simply a fantastic game. I’ve played BF2, but I love BF2142. An extremely active gaming community exists centered around this game. The graphics are not bleeding edge like those in Crysis, but that just means that you’ll be able to play it on a… Read more

“Great game but NS activation code is missing!”

I’m playing this game since it came out it’s just great, I bought it to play northern strike booster pack since I didn’t bought it through EA Link software.NOTICE: theres a major issue with this release, no one that has bought Battlefield… Read more

“Great Game BUT……………………………….”

Buyer Beware!!!This deluxe edition claims to have the booster pack Northern Strike as well but either this is not the case or EA has some serious problems here. Just search the internet and you will find numerous threads on this issue with the… Read more

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